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Hi, gorgeous! I’m so glad you’re here. -Yaksha

I believe that doesn’t just talk, make a difference!

Loving a girl is the second thing. The first thing is learning to respect her ★☆★

However, I want to tell you that मै व्यक्ति नहीं विचार हूँ …!!!

Yaksha from Jaipur here. You can know about Safarnama. It’s my job to make sure that all my blogs make sense to my audience & friends. I am Creating change through transforming consciousness. I think SAMBHAL KE BOLO BAAT DOOR TAK JAYEGI. Surround Yourself with Good 🙂

Change the focus from what you want to get, to what you want to give. In other words, make it a treat instead of a chore.

When you discover your passion, you won’t need an alarm clock to get you out of bed.”

“The greatest worth is self-mastery.”


Prowess of SEO,
Selectively social.
Emotional fool. Lazy ass.
Liberal. agnostic. Nature & Art lover. A Miscellany of Love & help.

I would like to sit alone and enjoying my own company. This is much better than being surrounded by fake people.

I am talkative & I am the best because I don’t hide anything.

I don’t Respect those who don’t respect me if you call it selfish, I call it self-respect.

Be Happy with Nothing and you will be happy with everything.

“अगर आप उस इंसान की तलाश कर रहे हैं जो आपकी ज़िन्दगी बदलेगा, तो आईने में देख लें।”


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