Now Petrol 35 Rupees per Liter in India

Petrol 35 Rupees per Liter offer is now closed. Keep visiting for a more latest offer. The Price of the Petrol is increasing day by day as the performance of Indian Players. It is Very difficult to maintain the vehicle due to the high price of the Petrol. The price of the petrol in getting a hike. There are two reasons behind it. The first high rate of raw oil and second low worth of the Indian Rupees Compare to the US Dollar. As we all know that Dollar is a global currency. All the Import and Export work are done through the Dollar. So it is also a factor behind the Price hike of the petrol.

Without taking your time I am directly coming at the topic. In this blog, I will tell you that How can you get Petrol 35 Rupees per Liter. Now, If you are thinking that it is the blessing of The Modi Government, so the Price of the petrol is decreased from 70 to 35 then you are wrong. I would like to tell you that all this can be made possible through a Wallet App, called ‘Freecharge’. As the name suggests that it is the app, which will provide you free recharge and all, it is proving that it is as its name.


Petrol 35 Rupees per Liter.


It is a joint offer of Freecharge and Hindustan Petroleum formally known as HP which can make it possible to get petrol only 35 per Liter. Indian Oil is also providing the same facility. Now if you are thinking that how can you grab this wonderful opportunity then you need to follow these simple steps-

Steps of getting Petrol 35 Rupees per Liter

1-    Download the Freecharge App
2-    Sign up or Sign In
3-    Add 300 from any ATM card or You can also request Your Friend to send you.
4-    Got to Petrol Pump Listed in the List and ask them to pay from Freecharge.
5-    They will ask your mobile No. from which you make your Freecharge account.
6-    Tell them the amount (Here you need to show your smartness and tell them Rs.150 because the cashback offer says that you will get 50% cashback but maximum 75)
7-    Share your OTP or You can also offer your ‘On The Go Pin’ which you will find in Pay and Send> On the go PIN.
8-    Done
9-    You will get Rs.75 instantly as a cashback.

Here for getting Petrol 35 Rupees per Liter, you need have to go on listed Petrol pumps. The list of the listed Petrol Pumps you can get from here.

In this way, You can get Petrol 35 Rupees per Liter.

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