Make India great Improvement that We Want to See in our India

It is my dream project to see my country at the top as we see America and few more countries. I use to spend a lot of time from my very busy schedule to discuss what I think about making India great. I know my Bharat is great, however, I think there are some points which we need to improve. When we start thinking about it, we found that the change may be possible from two sides. First, our Indian Government should make the rules and also do the arrangement to follow the same rules ASAP! This will give wings to make India great.


One Nation, One Rule

One day I was spending time on Facebook and found a very interesting story. There was an Army recruitment where they need to hire a candidate for the post of Army Constable. An Army officer was taking the intro session of the candidates. He was asking the question “Where are you from?” and the candidates was replying one by one. Somebody told that I am from Punjab next says I am from Rajasthan, the other says I am from U.P and the other one says I am from Bihar and so on. The last one says “I am from India”.

The Army officer says that I am looking for the candidate who works in India so it’s the very first priority that the person should belong to India. So the last person was selected for the job over the other candidates. The Story has been finished, but what we learn from the story? Simple we should belong to India.

One nation, one Rule is very important for the progress of India. By applying the rule, we are going in the good way, where we will meet the India which is 100 times better from the present India. This thing will make India great.


Vanishing the Caste and Religion System

Before writing anything about it, I want to tell you that I do not believe in caste System and Religion system. I use to respect all the religion of the world. At the 4th standard, I use to write Kumar in place of Sharma at the end of my name. I am also sharing the top secret of my life that will change your perception for me for sure. The secret is, I don’t belong to General category at all, yes, it is 100% true. However, I use to write the general category in my Academic qualification so I do not get any kind of scholarship ever.

India is suffering a lot of Inner Problems, however, judging the people as per the religion or caste is the greatest issue of India. I do a Proper research over it that why some General category people follow the CHHUAACHOOT System. Why they have bad feelings for the SC and ST people. Generally, people think that the SC people do not do the hard work for the government job as they do. They think that SC or ST people can easily get the Job on the basis of reservation. Here we need to think about it. Because the fact may be different. This can be the main thing to make India great.


Applying financially reservation system

Before you start reading this blog just read at least once that, are you getting the real benefit of the reservation, no matter you belong to SC or ST. Yes, this point may be bitter for some people, but it is good to take the bitter medicine to cure the disease. It is the good time to do some modifications in the reservation process. We all know that our Government has recently applied the demonetization process and also connecting all the bank account to the Aadhar Card so it is very easy to know the financial condition of a particular person. Then why the Government is not applying the reservation on the basis of the financial conditions.

We are seeing that after the 70 years of the independent, our government is not able to balance the poverty. We can easily see that Rich people are getting richer and poor are making poorer. If government dares to offer the reservation to the poor in the government, it will give two benefits. Firstly, this will help to decrease the no. of the poor of India and secondly, the government can get the valuable blessings of the poor.

The Government can also apply the figure of 50% -70% reserve to the poor in the government vacancy, which will be more beneficial than the current reservation system. The reservation system should be beyond the religion and caste. This will definitely make India great.


Our Education System

Education is the foundation of any country, so improvement in the education system can make my India great. In today’s age, we can easily see that we are paying a huge amount of money for the name of education of our child. Most of the schools do not care about the study of your child, they only need money for that they are sitting by opening the big building of the school. There are few points which can help us to improve the education system which leads to the bright future of India.

One Country, One Book, One Education

There should be the system in our education that the Education and all the book of the entire county should be same. All the university should teach the students from the same book as the other the University of the World. It will help us in many ways, firstly we can reuse the book for next year, which leads to save the trees and also save the valuable money of the guardians. Second, we can find the conclusion that which state students are good in this same education system so that the area of the improvement can easily find in the education system. It will also help to find the loopholes in the education system.

All Government employees’ children should take the education from the government schools and colleges

This is looking so funny in listening, however, it can give the various positive outputs. The quality of the education in the government college will improve for sure by taking the step. The order should be passed that the government employee which are not able to follow the rule can quit their job anytime.

Remove the unnecessary subjects like History

Our education system contains history as a subject. I don’t know that what the benefit of learning about the history is. I am not against the history. Actually, I know the benefit reading about the history. If you do not agree with my statement, then we can also do one thing. We can make a subject called the general study, which includes many important subjects and things like history.

Focus on well literate in place of well educated

Indian only focus on getting the degree, no matter they are not becoming the literate. We should focus on the practical study in place of just teaching the books. The teacher should relate the study of the real life so students can easily remember the topic without reading the single time. The teacher should also offer some short tricks while teaching the students. We should understand the definition of a good teacher. A good teacher is not the person who knows everything, but the one who can deliver the entire knowledge he has to the student no matter he doesn’t know everything.

My academic education happens in U.P. Most of the students say that they are studying when they do their writing homework. Now in since last 6 years I have been living in Jaipur, Rajasthan, here is also the same thing. So if the students are doing their homework, then they told that they are studying. We should change the thing. It is not good for the future. I am definitely sure that most of the Indians which are completing their graduation can’t able to explain the complete Hindi Alphabet. This is a small step to make India great.


Decrease the dependency of Crude Oil Balance the import export

The progress of a country totally depends on the import-export balance. While the way of progress is going the export the goods and service so we should focus on export. Exporting the goods and services is the best way to made process because it helps to increase our countries income and also generate employment. Today we depend on other countries on many items, especially the crude oil includes raw oil, which help us to make petrol, diesel, and kerosene.

Now if you are thinking that how can we expect the India without petrol, diesel vehicle, then I want to tell you that everything in the world has an AlterNet option. We can develop the battery vehicle. The Government should promote the battery vehicle and also give the subsidy for the same. If it is not good, then the government can also suggest CNG vehicles. We also have the second benefit that all the alternates are eco-friendly.

In 7th May 2017 Dainik Bhaskar, I have seen an article about the same vehicle, which I am discussing. This is one kind of electronic truck, which first was seen on Expo-2017. You can transport 10 Ton in the single time with the help of this electronic truck called plug-in electronic truck advance clean transport. BYD Company is manufacturing these 8 battery electric refuse trucks with the advance technology. With the full charge, you can transport 10 Ton weight till 123 kilometers. At this expo, all the innovative clean vehicle technology vehicles were displayed at the one floor. All the displayed vehicles run on electronic, Natural Gas, Hydrogen, Wind energy and solar energy. This will affect a lot to make India great.

Make India great by changing the system:-

This is a major part of the article.

Teach Government employees, their duty

This is the most important point of this discussion. This will help to get rid of the corruption from India. It includes following sub-points.

At the time of joining a government job

Overall the government recruitment government should sign a paper from the candidate that he should be honest for sure, will not take Bribery. If he or she finds in the Bribery case, the person will not get any government job for a lifetime and he or she returns all the money from the joining date that SHe get in the form of salary.

Review System

We see lots of case where we find that the candidate gives some Bribery and get the desired job. So Government should apply the review system for every one year where they take the test once more and check whether the employee in fit or not. If SHe is not fit and also not able to pass the test then the government should tell them goodbye. This is very important to make India great.

Updating of police department

From all the government departments. There is a department called Police, Which is made to give the comfort to the citizen. Police mean the department which should be fit in health. However, I am so sorry to inform you that most of the employee of the police department are unfit. Some have weak eyesight, others are gourmet and most of them are not active. So Government should give their reaming job years to their son or daughter. This will help a lot to make India great.

Make Government Job Tough

In today’s age in India, everybody wants to be a Government employee, but nobody wants that their children educated in the government school. This thing is not making our India great. All are running to get a government job. The main reason behind it is that they think that if they will be a government employee then they can earn lots of money by enjoying. We need to change this mentality. Just make government job so typical that person should think twice while joining a government job. This will help to make India GREAT.

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