Unnati credit card scheme 4year SBI pay Modi Government gift

Modi Government is coming with many new schemes. This is one more scheme of the Modi government called Unnati credit card scheme. Now it is very easy to make a credit card of State bank of India, formally known as SBI. The good news is that you did not need to pay any kind of fees not only for 1 year, but for the complete 4 years. For taking the advantage of this scheme, you need to have a saving account in SBI with the minimum balance of twenty thousand 20,000. If you are fulfilling this criteria, then you can easily get the credit card.


sbi unnati credit card Scheme


What is actually Unnati  Credit card Scheme

The good news is that the bank will not see your credit history. Due to the demonetization, it is coming to know that the deposit money in the saving account as well as the Jan Dhan account has been boosted. To take the advantage of this thing, SBI is giving the credit card to their customers under the credit card scheme called Unnati. During the Unnati scheme SBI is committed to not take any kind of annual charges for the first four years.


What is the process of applying Unnati  Credit card Scheme?

Any person which has a minimum of INR 20000 balance in a bank account can apply for the Unnati Credit card Scheme. You can visit your nearest SBI branch for applying this credit card. To know about this credit card scheme, you can visit the official website of SBI


Benefit of Unnati  Credit card

When you will pay from SBI Unnati credit card, you will get 1 reward point in every INR 100 purchase. It means if you are doing the purchase of INR 50,000 using this card, it means you are saving INR 500. Rs. 500 you will get in form of cashback. You can do the payment worldwide at 24 million store as well as outlets. You can use this at 3,25,000 outlets of India.

You can also take add-on card for your family members such as mother, father, husband, wife, son and daughter which are more than 18 in age.

You can do cash withdrawal from millions of ATM’s. You can do the payment of electricity, telephone, mobile and other utility bills. You can also transfer the other bank’s credit card bill with the help of this Unnati card. You can also convert this bill amount in low interest EMI.

This Unnati card also include Flexi pay option like other SBI credit cards already have. You can also convert your purchase of more than INR 2500 in easy EMI’s. Many person demand for cheque and Draft. So this Unnanti card can help you to get rid from cheques and Drafts. This credit card includes easy money option. The user can take draft and cheque with the help of cash limit. This cheque and Draft will directly delivered to customer’s home.


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